1. IEEE MCE erroneously assessed the comprehensive review of invited papers for the 17th ICCSE 2022, treating it as a singular review standpoint and concluding that certain papers did not meet the criteria for IEEE conference papers. Despite the organizing committee's prompt and numerous appeals backed by significant evidence, IEEE ultimately chose to terminate the publication agreement with the conference on May 10th. We are disappointed with this decision and express our frustration accordingly.

2. ICCSE 2022 apologizes for the unforeseen circumstances that have prevented the prompt publication of the conference proceedings on IEEE Xplore.

3. We have promptly taken necessary actions, and at present, all conference papers have been properly organized. If any additional concerns arise during the process of collaborating on the new publication, please reach out to the publishing party and provide feedback to the conference organizing committee.

4. Over the past seventeen years, ICCSE has been committed to improving global communication and supporting the development of computer science and education professionals and students worldwide. While we may face challenges along the way, we will continue moving forward. The 18th ICCSE 2023 is scheduled to take place in Malaysia on December 1st, and we extend a warm invitation to both new and returning attendees. The conference organizing committee and international program committee also encourage interested individuals to share their works.