Workshops and Invited Sessions for ICCSE 2020

Session 1

Topic: VR, AR, and MR technologies in Higher Education


Carsten Lecon, Aalen University (Germany)


Virtual 3D worlds are not only used for the visualization of complex learning matters, but get increasing importance in learning environments. Students for example act as avatars in artificially generated worlds, in which they learn, develop, and present simultaneously. Full immersion is possible by so called head mounted displays, for example the HTV Vive or the Oculus Rift. Nowadays, these are less expensive, so that many users can use this technique. Furthermore, Augmented Reality (AR) und Mixed Reality (MR) applications become more and more important in industrial application – and also in learning environments.
Topics are included but not limited to :

Session 2

Topic: Computer courses and standards (Call for papers

Session chair:

Li ZHENG, Tsinghua University, China

Session co-chair:

Chao LI, Tsinghua University, China


Computer Science and Technology is not only a major in universities, the related courses are also the common courses of lots of departments, which are the important technical foundation of training students' ability of computational thinking and making students apply computer technology to scientific research and engineering practice in their own majors. In recent years, many countries in the world have begun to cultivate the ability of computational thinking and programming for teenagers.

Topics of the session can be the follows (but are not limited to):