Paper Submission

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Step 1: Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings

  • Please download the template (MS Word or LaTex, A4 size) in the following link

  • Please do NOT insert any page numbers or other information in the footer or header section. Use acknowledgement section to indicate your research fund, and use a * to indicate the corresponding author in the title section.

  • The authors are strongly recommended to review the papers published by past ICCSEs firstly.


Step 2: Submit papers through the Submission System

  • You can create an account at, then upload your submission. All peer-to-peer review and acceptance result could be tracked yourself through this site.

  • If you are an author of the past ICCSEs, you may use your existing account for ICCSE 2017.

  • Please note that, the submitter should be one of the authors, for system notice delivery purpose.


Step 3:Use IEEE PDF eXpress to convert your file. (For accepted paper only)

  • Once your submission is accepted by ICCSE, you may required to submit the final version of your paper. PDF eXpress will be available for use on June 1, 2017, only for accepted papers.

  • IEEE PDF eXpress is a service provided by IEEE to prospective participants of IEEE conferences. At the IEEE PDF eXpress website manuscript source files may be uploaded for conversion to IEEE compliant pdf and pdf files may be submitted and tested for compliance.

  • You can create an account at IEEE PDF eXpress site  using ICCSE’17 Conference ID (40514XP) and convert your paper into an IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file or check your PDF file for IEEE Xplore compliance. You may refer to the supporting information provided in this website.